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Busty, Yet Petite, Shanghai Girl With Perfect Escort Temperament

Shanghai escort Lucy

Hey there, sexy!

You can call me Lucy. I have been waiting for you to call me. I have the perrrrfect temperament and always please my clients. You can see some of my specialties below.

Around the World
Girlfriend Experience
Full Body Sensual Massage
Deep throat and expressions use (CIM)
Groups, Duo, bring your significant other!
Femdom, Whips, Chains!
Cowgirl, reverse, doggy
Bound, Submission, BDSM
Prostate stimulation and maintenance

As you can see I am open minded and love to experiment with new things.

Be sure to call me at 0086-18824076869 and be sure to store my number in your phone. You never know when nature is going to come calling!

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Types of Asian escorts in London

Asian escorts London

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic selection of Asian escorts in London, and although they all come from the same hereditary gene pool, they’re all really rather different. We take a closer look…

How many Asian races do you know anyway? Sometimes it hard to remember them all to be perfectly honest

· Japanese

· Chinese

· Korean

· Taiwanese

· Filipino

· Vietnamese

· Mongolian

· Burmese

Alright, you might struggle to find Mongolian and Burmese escorts in London, but the others are there if you’re doing your Googling correctly! The predominant girls are: Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean of course. Why this is we don’t really know to tell the truth. It could have something to do with immigration, or it could be just a simple case of these particular Asian escorts in London are in greater demand.

So what’s the difference?

It might not be the most popular thing to consider, and probably not to talk about in certain company, but still people claim that “all Asians look the same.” They actually don’t, and no, it’s not just the eyes! Let’s take a look at some of the more common Asian escorts in London: Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Japanese girls have much larger eyes when you compare them to Chinese and Korean girls. Some of the Japanese escorts you find in London actually look like anime characters! They’re faces are more oval shaped too, whereas Chinese girls’ are much rounder, and they’re cheekbones are much lower, whereas Korean girls have relatively high cheekbones.

The greatest thing about all the girls

By far the greatest thing about all the Asian escorts in London is that they are all incredibly attentive and eager to please. It’s a cultural thing, we have to say. It’s not just the fact that these young women are innately drawn to pleasing their menfolk, it’s also that the majority of Asian races are highly industrious and when they put their mind to a task, they always commit 100%; this includes escorting of course!

And aren’t you lucky to have all these beautiful young women available to you by simply making a phone call?

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