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As a broad minded girl I’ve come to a conclusion that if you want something you need to grab it with both arms. I’ve had a real problem meeting genuine men as of late, as such I could have drowned my sorrows in a nice glass of chardonnay, or I could do what a go-getter of a girl would do and book a male escort Belfast to do all that for me. At first I was a little nervous, it has been a few years since I needed to hire a male escort. As such I knew that I needed to take my time and not rush in and see the first man that caught my eyes.

At Gentlemen4hire they allow you to look through all the men that are on offer and it doesn’t cost you a thing. This really gives you the opportunity to take as much time as you need before choosing your escort. I made sure to do just that and after many fruitful choices I think I found just the man for me. He looks so kind and gentle, just what I want in a man. He is also a huge dog lover so wow… I’m actually dying to meet him. I’ve only got a couple of hours to get ready as he was available for an afternoon session and things are going to go great.

I wouldn’t say that I’m even slightly nervous anymore. Not since my mind was put at ease using this agency service. I’d have no problem at all suggesting to any woman that you could use a service like this and actually get what you want from it. In this day and age there are not many things or people for that matter that you can rely on, this is the real deal and there is no reason in hell that you should be missing out on it.


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