Why are There So Many Haters of Milf Hook Up Websites?

Why are there so many critics of milf hookup websites? Well, the first reason is actually quite obvious. These are dudes who can’t, for the life of them, get pussy. Yes, they are pathetic. Yes, they are losers. They are idiots who can’t talk to women. They don’t have what it takes that’s why they hate milf hookup websites.

They hate them like the plague. They think that milf hookup websites are complete and total wastes of time precisely because they themselves are unable to use those websites the right way. They can’t get the results that they’re looking for. Hey, if it doesn’t work for them, then there must be something wrong with the websites they join. That’s the kind of logic that they have and that’s why they are haters.

But there are also haters for philosophical reasons. These are people who are afraid of seeing success. In other words, they are jealous mother fuckers. They don’t want to put in the time. They don’t want to stare their fears in the face. They’d rather just discourage people who have the balls to step up to their fears and extend their capabilities. In other words, they’d rather hate than try.

Your success at the typical milf hook up website intimidates them. Your success is basically a slap in their faces. You are essentially showing them that you are better than them because you are man enough to step up to your fears and do something about them. They would rather not do them, that’s why they’d rather hate on people so that they get so discouraged and so demotivated they don’t even try. In other words, misery loves company.

Fuck the haters if you are serious about achieving the kind of success you’re looking for at the typical milf hook up website.