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Become Your Escort’s Favorite Customer: Know How

If you are someone who quite often visit Turkish brothels and so wish to win favor of an escort to receive customized services at best deals, you should learn the appropriate conduct. Escorts work for their clients and make sure to offer them the best of their services. They put in all their efforts to assist you gratify your sexual desire. You should also ensure to behave with them gently, so that next time you hire the same escort she agrees to accompany you.

Remember, no sex play can be enjoyable without emotions.

Always be nice to her. She is woman after all and it is because of her profession she could serve you. You should therefore respect her and treat her like a lady. Besides consider her likes or dislikes though she may agree to go to any extent to satisfy your sexual requirements. Being a gentleman it is your duty to look after the comfort of the other person. Do not simply jump onto the bed though escorts wouldn’t mind doing so. Light chit-chatting, exchanging passionate kisses and hugs would ignite the emotions and slowly let it take both of you to the next level.

Do not directly offer money to the escort.

Keep it somewhere on the bed. Also, never hesitate to offer them a tip. Do not waffle to mention that you liked her. She would love being appreciated by their clients. If you have planned to hire an escort for a long trip, take her out for shopping. Also, arrange dinner for her. Doing these would help you win her favor. Moreover, she might do a lot of things for you that you might not have imagined ever.

While you meet an escort you can also gift her flowers or a bottle of wine. This will allow making the ambience light and making you and the lady feel relaxed. Wine is an effective social lubricant when it comes to making creating magic in a few hours. However, to know her likes and dislikes you can always ask her in advance. She would be glad to receive such gestures and treatment from you. If you find your dream girl is adventurous you can even take her out on an adventurous and an entertaining trip in Istanbul.

The way she ensures to make you feel special doing the same for her would enable you to be in her good books.


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