Can I Make Special Requests With Escorts?

do not be afraid to ask when it comes to London escorts

We get this question a lot here at London Escorts 47. People always want to know if they can make special requests with their London escorts. The truth of the matter is that you can and you should. After all, why else are you getting an escort than to be able to get exactly what you desire?

The basic rule I always tell people is that if she is allowed to end the date at any time if she doesn’t feel comfortable, why can’t you? I have used a few services in my time where they told me I was getting a gorgeous brunette with nature boobs and a nice smile. But when the girls show they end up being far from the ideal date. They have fake tits that look broken. They have frizzed out hair from drug use. Some even had missing teeth!

When I don’t get what I requested I turn them right around and call somebody else. For the most part though I stick to my favorite services. That way I won’t get a surprise waiting for me at my hotel room door.

In the future you will see reviews and press releases for various escort services we have used ourselves. We don’t want you to get stuck with a girl you don’t like anymore than you want to be stuck with one.

Information is power and you will find plenty of good information about London escorts and quite possibly other escort services from around the world.